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How to use Free Online Sitemap Generator

  1. Please enter your website URL and define optional parameters for Sitemap Generator.
  2. Press 'Start' button and wait till the indexing process is completed. Download the sitemap file at Results Page and upload it to the root directory of the recently indexed site.
  3. In order to let Google know about your XML sitemap, just enter URL at your browser similar to this:

1. Please enter parameters for Sitemap Generator

Site URL:
Only pages and directories under 'Site URL' will be included. HTTPS is not supported.
Google XML Sitemap parameters:
Change frequency: Free Online Sitemap Generator Change frequency

How frequently the content of a particular URL is likely to change.

This value provides general information to Google search engine and may not exactly correlate to how often the page is crawled by Google. The value is considered a hint and not a command, Google crawler considers this information when making decision.

The value "always" should be used to describe pages that change each time they are accessed. The value "never" should be used to describe archived URLs.

How frequently the page is likely to change.
Last modification: Free Online Sitemap Generator Last modification

The date of last modification of the file. This value allows Google crawler to avoid loading documents that have not been changed.

You can

  • omit this value by selecting "None" option
  • set this field from your server's response
  • specify your own date & time

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  Show Calendar for Google XML Sitemap Generator
Time (hh:mm:ss):  Set Current Time - Google XML Sitemap Generator
Priority: Free Online Sitemap Generator Priority

The priority of this URL relative to other URLs on your site. Valid values range from 0.0 to 1.0.

Google search engine uses this information when selecting among URLs on the same site, so you can use this value to increase the likelihood to ensure that your more important pages are presented in a search index.

Also, please note that assigning a high priority to all the URLs on your site will not improve Search Engine Optimization. Since the priority is relative, it is only used to select among URLs on your site; the priority of your pages will not be compared to the priority of pages on other sites.

2. Start sitemap generation

Maximum 1000 pages will be indexed at the Site.

Information for Webmasters

  • CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal relative link path friendly
  • Check your site visibility from our host
  • Check your site links for errors
  • XML, txt sitemaps generation
  • Customizable site links output

Get more about Sitemaps

  • You could create Google Webmaster Tools with your Google Account to submit your Google XML sitemap URL and get detailed reports about your the visibility pages on Google.
  • Free Online Sitemap Generator can build sitemap in text format.
  • Feel free to contact us.
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